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The ability to reach new consumers: Lead Magnet

Nowadays the use of our data has become a sensitive subject, we want to control who is talking to us and why, and also have the ability to remove ourselves from any undesirable information being targeted.

In the same way, brands want to reach new customers more directly, but as being data so sensitive and valuable, they have to be able to ask them their permission or their information, in exchange for something useful. This is where the lead magnet strategy is very useful, it allows a brand to demand contact information in exchange for a free item.[/vc_column_text]


lead. /li:d/

In digital marketing is an individual expressing interest in what you offer, by sharing his information.

lead magnet. /li:d/ /ˈmægnt/

Is an offer or free item/service promoted to gather contact details from prospective consumers (email address, name, or even phone number).

Benefits Of Creating A Lead Magnet

  • It allows you to attract new potential clients;
  • It’s a good way to reach new interested users to present them our universe;
  • It is not too complicated and not expensive;
  • It is the beginning of creating an email list.


Why Do We Need To Create Lead Magnets?

Even though there is no monetary value when giving away an item or information, the value you obtain is the possibility of contacting the prospect directly, because they have authorized you to do so in exchange for something valuable to them.

Why Do Lead Magnets Work?

People don’t feel comfortable sharing their contact details just because, even the subscription to a newsletter has to be so attractive for them to take the time to fulfill a form; by giving them something in exchange they feel they are receiving value for its data and then will willingly do it.

Some Examples Of Lead Magnets

We are sure you have become a lead magnet at one moment or another, let’s see if you can identify yourself with any of these actions, or lead magnets:

1. Samples: This is most common for the beauty industry, users receive something tangible and feel they can take an informed decision.

2. Templates or white documents: Downloadable documents are very practical because they also require a click action in their inbox. They are also very useful to start a conversation or pursuing a stronger relationship with your future clients.

3. Webinars or tutorials: A common practice in the education sector, not only because they give prospects an example of what they can receive afterward via a subscription, but also allows them to receive extra information for free.

4. Discount Codes or Coupons: Nothing better than an immediate reward, coupons are very practical and have a rewarding sensation for your leads.

By giving something in exchange they feel they're receiving some value for its data.

Basic Steps To Create A Good Lead Magnet

1. Identify your Buyer Persona or your ideal target. Qualified leads are more important than generic ones. It is useless to talk to people who will not share our values, most likely will not be interested in our product, and therefore will not be interested in the lead magnet you’re offering and might never become a customer.

2. Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet. Think about what your potential customers are looking for, a methodology, trying your product, understanding what you’re offering. Get yourself in the other person’s shoes: what do they need? Which solutions might be useful for them? How can you help them?

3. Generate immediate gratification. Be sure your promise is rapidly fulfilled, this way you will not lose the initial impel the user had when they registered. The timing between the moment they gave you their information and when they receive what was promised should not be long, otherwise, they could lose interest, and is lees probable they would advance to the next stages to becoming a consumer.

4. High added value related to what you are selling. Even if what you are offering is free, it should not have low quality, the user has to feel it is receiving a high value and also that it is directly related to your product or service.

5. Incite consumer behavior change. The user should feel now with more information and that what he was looking for was being resolved. This can take him to take additional steps towards converting him/her into a consumer.

Resources To Create Your Lead Magnet

Now a very important step is the creation of what you’re offering. This depends entirely on the type of business you are running. If it’s a physical sample, be sure you have the corresponding format and have enough to supply. If it is a document you can use different resources such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, and turn them in a pdf, for example.

Be creative, you can use other resources such as Canva or Freepik to complement your design.

Another important part is where to automatize your lead magnet, this means the tools that will allow you to include the format where the user will include the information you are demanding; a landing page where you can thank them, and a link to download the resource (if so). Some tools in the market for this include Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, or Hubspot.


What’s Next?

Once the lead magnet has been developed with the corresponding tools, then think about what do you want to do with the data you have just obtained, include them in a Newsletter? Send them offers? Contact them later to offer you specific products or services?

More important is not to let the contact get cold, if you have already reached this step of being present in their imagination, try to take quick action, otherwise, they will just forget why they know you in the first place and might just send you to junk mail or an unsubscribe action.


Now that you have all elements to create a Lead Magnet, it’s time to get to work. Remember the basic steps of knowing who you are reaching for, what are you going to deliver, why, and what are you going to do with the possible leads you’ll be getting.

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