Digital Is

Why going digital?

More than ever companies are trying to reach a more connected and informed consumer, and well-developed online tools can get you in touch with them. The digital panorama can be vast and complicated, but it doesn’t mean you should not immerse in it.


However, bringing digital actions into your company’s presence online should be accompanied by a planned strategy. Defining what do you want to obtain (objectives), how (tactics), and where (tools).


Moreover, the axes in which your brand can have a presence depends on your capabilities (team, budget, target, knowledge), and these can include:


Is the Online window to your brand and has become an essential tool to reach consumers, to enlarge your offline offer, to be open even when you’re closed. We help you get your simple, beautiful, practical and user-friendly website, and increase sales.

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Search Engines

We use them daily and they've become our main resource to search information, but to appear in the first results we have to work our digital tools and media (website, social media, blog), create valuable content, and off course a good pool of keywords.

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Social Media

People are connected via Facebook, share their pictures via Instagram, enjoy videos with TikTok, share views in Twitter, and show their skills in LinkedIn. Companies can also be there, talking directly to their consumers, interacting, reacting, and selling.

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Content has become a strong tool, helping to be better positioned in Search Engines and to connect with our target. Videos on YouTube or an article in your Blog are an excellent mean to present your brand’s universe, connect with similar publics, and make an impact on sales.

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Ads are not exclusive for big brands; any company can have some of its marketing budget spend in a few paid actions online to have better results than just posting organically. With them you can reach new users, increasing sales and notoriety.

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Other tools

Online tools continue to evolve, making users and companies more connected and interacting in the digital world: an app in your phone, a podcast, or newsletters are some examples on how you can reach more consumers.

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Having a planned presence in the online world will give you a lot of advantages:

  • You can display your brand and be found even when your target doesn’t know you.
  • You will reach consumers in a direct way.
  • Your consumers can buy your products and services from the comfort of their sofas.
  • Your brand can interact with your consumers and create closeness with your universe.
  • You will have more opportunities to be at the top-of-mind of your target.


Being digital requires working hard, nothing happens without tools that are constantly updated and nurtured by your brand’s universe:

  • You have to dedicate time to creating valuable content and responding to the users’ demands
  • Organic presence (the unpaid one) is not guaranteed to be shown on your users’ screens, therefore paid advertising is more effective and you’ll have to invest some of your budget in order to get higher results.


Without a proper strategy, you can just be wasting efforts by not reaching the adequate target or projecting the wrong image.