How Can We Get You There?

We understand that SME’s budget is usually tight, so our objective is to help you in an easy and affordable way, so you can then be autonomous in developing your own tools and strategies. We develop for you the difficult part and then we teach you how to deploy them in your day-by-day activities. And if you still need a more professional follow-up, we offer monthly–fee plans in order to support you in the future.


Understanding where your brand is, which are the main factors defined, and which have to be profiled.

Tools and tactics

Develop the main tools to be used: website, social media, search engines, newsletters, etc.


One main tool to keep all the information of our brand organized for our target to reach it.

Social Media

An important media to interact actively with your consumers and present our brand in a close way

Search Engines

Being found is also an important part of a digital strategy, good positioning in search engines will give new consumers and leads.


An additional tool in communicating directly to our consumers, retain them and reach to new ones.

Behavioural analysis

Keep analyzing how our actions and tactics are giving results.


Change all actions not giving results, maintaining those who are.

Strategic Process

How the magic happens

Overall Diagnosis

The right start

We evaluate together where your company is online, who is your target (Buyer Persona), the brand’s characteristics, your capacities, and your budget. This first step allows you re-think your strategic panorama and define the necessary aspects of your brand’s universe.

Layout the digital strategy

Paving the way

The definition of S.M.A.R.T. objectives, then specific tactics and the corresponding tools, will give you a realistic panorama of what you want and what you can accomplish for your brand. Who, where, when, and how are the main questions to be solved.

Tools and Media

The means to get you there

Let’s get to work! Depending on the objectives that we have defined we will develop a plan to reflect your tactics in the different tools you chose, Website, Newsletter, e-commerce, promoted social media, Google Ads

Evaluation and Follow-up

Analyzing results

After developing your tools, nothing more important to see how they work. We will define the corresponding indicators and help you analyze the evolution and results in the different tools (Analytics, FB Insights, and KPI’s)

Tools and Media

Let’s get to work!

Website design in laptop -Digital marketing

Express Website

Don’t complicate with basic DIY suppliers. We build for you a professional, beautiful website with all needed functionalities (blog, pics, contact forms). Based on pre-made templates, we adapt everything to your brand universe, and without the costs of a Website made from scratch. For an additional fee, we can also develop your e-commerce or LMS. The Site is made with your strategy behind, advising you from a digital marketing view and with the best elements to increase your brand’s impact (user experience, user interface, SEO)

Strategical Social Media

Successful social media profiles are not based on likes nor on static content. We help you identify the most productive media for your company’s brand, and guide you into tools on how to plan content and produce it on a regular basis, respecting the media and your brand’s universe.  We can redefine your image, or simply revise with you the main strategies, always having in mind your strategic objectives.

Magnet with social media icons -Digital marketing
Plpanning an ad campaign -digital marketing


A well-developed promoted post or paid ad might give you instant results, maximizing your investment if done with a good strategy behind it. We help you create campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. By developing strategic campaigns, you will assure reaching consumers that don’t know you and increasing the possibility of having more sales.


Do you need to communicate directly with your consumers? A simple newsletter template is an answer. You can share offers, news, and more, and we can help you develop a template to use in suppliers as Mailchimp or Sendinblue. If you need to enlarge your database, we can help you define a lead strategy to collect emails in a simple way.

Content strategy planning -digital marketing

Organic content and digital tips

Organic is defined as the actions you do without paying: posting on social media or the introduction of keywords in your website so you can be easily be found in search engines. As overcrowded as the web is, you need to deliver good content in order to have more impact. We help you define content calendars, ideas, and improvements in your different media.