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Buyer Persona: developing your ideal digital customer.

One of the basic elements of marketing terminology is the target audience, which, according to Kotler are the “potential buyers of the company’s products, current users, deciders, or influencers; individuals, groups, particular publics, or the general public”1. However, Buyer Personas are more focused and realistic, with them we zoom into the specific members of the crowd.

Buyer Persona is a detailed semi-fictional customer, we include the “semi” because it is not real but is based on real consumers. Normally you cannot take the info of a BP from anywhere, you can include some aspirational aspects but the best thing to do is base your input on your real customers, and transform them into your best potential ones.


Why do we want to create a Buyer Persona?

There are several advantages for creating one or several Buyer Personas:

1. It’s all about perspective. We put faces and identify our customers with real people, making the implementation of a digital marketing strategy more accurate.

2. Digital advertising made easy. When programming a digital campaign ad you have many tools to reach specific people and behaviors. By having already defined the BP you will be able to segment more precisely and reach the people you want to.

3. It is the main component when planning the Customer Journey experience.


What should we include in the Buyer Persona?

There is not a single best model of a Buyer Persona, each brand can choose the information that could be more useful, depending on the activities developed with the products or services, and the actions where you want to apply your analysis. However, the most common aspects would include:

  • Name: Yes, a name, if you can call the BP by a name it’ll make it easier to develop a specific strategy for them.
  • Demographic details: This is particularly useful when you are creating paid campaigns, in social media as in Google ads, for example, a good segmentation will allow you to reach best the people you want, but also these details will guide you in other aspects as the language you should use, terminology, and activities, among others.
  • Interests and behavioral traits: If you can identify which are the interests of your ideal consumers, then you can better develop a content strategy, or choose the right media.
  • Profession or activity: other key elements if you want to know which kind of content would be useful or not, which platforms would they should be in, etc.


A Buyer Persona is a detailed realistic description of your ideal customer. Having defined different Buyer Persona will allow you to create targeted content and convert them into real clients.


Where should you start?

First thing first, if you think you already have a pool of consumers that buy regularly and which react to your promotional actions, there you have a good base. If not, start imagining which could be the most probable consumers (ideal for you) and as you gain a pool of clients improve your BP formats.

Additionally, you can:

  • Compile data from your CRM or existing customers and social audience.
  • Put yourself in the place of your ideal consumer. Which problems would you need to be solved? What are you looking for? Where would you search for solutions?
  • Think about the solutions and goals for these consumers, see if your brand can provide them, facilitate them, or even relate to them.
  • Listen to your customers elsewhere, in social media, in forums, etc.


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