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Understanding the world of building Websites

When anyone asks about a digital strategy the most typical response is: “oh yeah, social networking!”… Well, I’m sorry to ruin the minimalistic concept, but there is a whole world behind digital today.  The future has become more uncertain and we should trust the new tools and trends that are developing every day.

There is no real formula on which is the ideal tool to have in a digital strategy; the most important thing is to know where we want our brand to go, who we want to impact, and where and how we want to do this.

Digital is here to stay, companies must be prepared to face future generations' behavior.

Which tools should companies use?

If there is no unique path, there where should companies focus their efforts? A Website could be a good start; why? well, you would have an Online place where your brand can explain and connect with its customers. However, given that is a kind of visit card, the way we present it and what we include in it is also very important. That is why today there are small brands that have decided not to have one and they just trust their social networking abilities to promote their products.

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This leads us to social networking, and let’s be honest, even if they’ve been around for quite a while, it remains for many brands and businesses like a black hole. And that is OK, we don’t need to be experts in all networks, and less when they change very often their algorithms, so it is wise if we choose to be in this social universe, to select wisely and foremost to take care of them and how they interact with our consumers.

Another element that could be very useful is the newsletters, this point of contact to communicate in a more personalised way your promotions or new arrivals. For this, though we will need a database, and that’s another job we have to do, even if it is on the store (our own CRM) or if we use other channels to obtain emails.

If you want to learn more about the main questions, why, how, where, contact Keywi Digital, we’ll try to find the perfect fit for you and your needs.

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