Digital Global Report 2019

A more connected population in a more digital world.

“We are social” and Hootsuite just published the Global Digital Reports for 2019 in which, each year they present the results of the studies developed through the digital panorama all over the world. This year’s report outlines the growing number of Internet users, which includes more than 360 million people using it for the first time during 2018, which gives a total of 57% of the world’s population which are connected to the internet.[/vc_column_text]

Global digital trends

Global digital Trends 2018

Another interesting number is the time we spend online, which has reached 6,5 hours online each day for the average internet user (or 1.2 billion years for a total internet usage in 2019…pretty steep if you ask me).

Interesting are also increases in social media and mobile users, the first in more than 280 million and the second one in 100 million.

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The behaviour of the digital trends puts into evidence the need for all kind of business to reconvert or adapt to the online world. Not only because current consumers are more connected than before, but also because, given the increasing trends worldwide, future generations will be more online, so we have to think in advance on how to reach them.

As we can see below, since 2014 the use of Internet has grown each year, and it is expected for 2019 to reach more than 4,380 million (9.1% more than in 2018).

Internet users over time 2014-2019

Internet Users over time 2014-2019

That is why we encourage companies to take the leap into the digital; in Keywi Digital we offer the tools and means to make it possible, no matter what the budget.

Switzerland increased in more than 204,000 users in 2018, totalling a 89% of the population.

Internet users in Switzerland go along with the global trends, increasing by 3% (to more than 204 thousand) if compared to 2017, while the number of social media users saw a growth of 10% (to more than 400,000).

Annual digital Growth Switzerland

Annual digital Swiss growth. Key indicators

Another important data is why Swiss users are connected; well, according to the study most of the activities are for searching in engines (57%) and visiting a social network (41%). This is another index of the importance of being well positioned in search engines such as Google or Bing, via SEO and SEA strategies, as well as developing a smart and efficient strategy in social networking.

As our experts at Keywi Digital want to outline, the future of business lays on their digital strategy; there are several online tools available for companies to grow and be in contact with consumers, who are more and more connected. The trends in future years are expected to raise, while new generations are developing their behaviour un a digital world.

Don’t expect to crash into reality, prepare yourself ahead and reconvert your brand into a digital and omnichannel one. If you want to know more, don’t think it twice, Keywi Digital can help you start with your brand’s digital life.

Weekly Online activities by device Switzerland

Swiss Online activities by device

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